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petit chéri

Elle est précieuse, merci Alisa!

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My Mabel

Happy Birthday, ma belle!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pulled over

Just like his parents, Desmond is driving prior to the legal age.

Birthday Party for One

We have a tradition on birthdays...the birthday boy/girl gets free reign of their cake.

Usually when the kids turn a year old, they don't know what to do with it. Well, not Desmond. He knew just what to do. Grabbed with both hands and dug in. It was massive mess--cake on Des, cake on the floor, cake on the walls! Absolutely hilarious!

Never had that happen before. Glad it did. He's the last. :)

(To my surprise, he did not throw up that night--despite the mass amount of sugar consumed.)

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It doesn't matter the weather, sling back wedges are good any time of year.

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I found this house this other day in the hills of Castle Rock. It comes right at you as you turn the corner and climb the hill. I love the unique, exterior finish. The flaming red door screamed at me, "I know you want to come in!"

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A favorite from the vault

My children are pieces of me. Without them I am bare.

jt & riley

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Skiing Rocky Mountain Style

From First Time Skiing

My husband took our kids skiing for the first time last Saturday. I was so worried they'd get cold or want to quit out of frustration...I was so wrong. They loved it!
They stayed warm and dry, had fabulous instructors, and wanted to go back the next day. Anyone wanting to ski the Rocky Mountains, come out and we'll go!

Photo credit goes to Scott--I stayed home with Trubaby.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Turkeys at Thanksgiving

And this is only half of the grandchildren. Whew!
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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A year ago

From SARAHJANE |foˈtägrəfēr|

A year ago I took this picture.
How interesting it is to go back a year and see the change. Not just in my photos, but also in my children.
I am so grateful for photography--for the visual record of change.

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Kindergarten Witch

Mabel thought she was funny hiding from the camera at her school Halloween party.